Key Features & Functionality


It’s as simple as snapping a photo and sorting it into a project. Then, easily locate and retrieve site photos on the spot when you need them most.


Mapping a photo has never been simpler with our precise GPS locator. Click to capture and your pinpointed photo will automatically appear on an aerial map. Add notes for context and you’re all set!


Generate professional photo exhibits in a polished PDF with a single click. Select specific GPS photos or an entire project and immediately email the generated report to a project manager, client, or designer—all from within the app.

Why You Need The
Zia Photo Manager App

Power your smartphone with the ultimate project management mobile app for design-build professionals: Capture, map, sort, store, and send project photos all from a single app!

Industry Articles & Case Studies

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can also save you thousands of dollars. The Schinnerer Group reported that payouts for insurance claims against design professional policyholders for large architerctual projects can result in severe damages…

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Zia Corporation, a provider of mobile and cloud-based project management solutions, today announced the general availability of Zia Mapper Photo Manager…

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Photo Manager White Paper:  Zia Mapper ROI & how this app will save your firm money.

Making Photos a More Affordable and Manageable Component of Land Surveying and Other Design/Engineering Projects. . .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was this app created for? 

Even though this app was primarily built for professionals working in Land Development, anybody who takes lots of photographs will benefit from it.

How many projects can I create? 

When developing the app we didn’t code a limit to the number of projects a user can create.

Can I log into multiple devices with my Photo Manager account? 

Yes, you don’t need to create a new account for each of your devices.

Why aren’t the projects I created on my phone not shown on my other devices? 

Projects and photos created with the Photo Manager app are saved only on the device in which they were created or captured.

If I delete a photo from a project in the app will I lose it from my device? 


If I delete a photo from my device will it be deleted from a “Photo Manager” Project? 

Yes.  If a photo is deleted or removed from your device it is also removed from “Photo Manager.”

How many characters are available for photo notes? 

Most devices will allow you to add up to 55 characters for each photo note.

How accurate are the photo locations?

The accuracy of the mapped photo locations depends upon your device and on how strong the signal is from your device to the GPS satellites in orbit.  Typically, if a photo is captured with 100% satellite lock, the accuracy will be within the tolerance of a standard hand-held GPS device (i.e. +/- 3 meters).  Unlike any other app on the market, you can refine the displayed photo location.  If it the position shown isn’t accurate enough for you needs, you may simply tap on the correct location on the map background to edit.

Do I need to install another app before I can use the automatic Photo Exhibit creation tool? 

Nope.  However, exhibits are saved as PDF’s , which can be emailed or downloaded to your device, so if you want to view the PDF on your device, you will have to install a software which allows you to view PDF’s.

Is there a limit on the number of the Exhibits I can create?

Nope, unlimited exhibits are available for “Gold” accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions