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Zia Mapper’s “Photo Manager” White Paper: How this product will benefit your firm

Making Photos a More Affordable and Manageable Component of Land Surveying and Other Design/Engineering Projects

A new approach to maximize return on investment of your field-based photo work


Zia Mapper Project Photo Map

Land surveyors and design and engineering professionals strive for efficiency and accuracy when collecting data from job sites. While completing surveys or developing other site-specific documents, the use of photographs are an indisputable medium to augment other data points collected – all necessary to render accurate plans or mapping products.

Traditional methods of photo capture include the use of expensive digital cameras, but aside from known hardware costs, there are hidden costs related to the time involved with sorting and managing the photos after they are taken, as well as follow up site visits if photos were missed. When a project manager takes the time to review the workflow and assess these hidden costs, the need for better efficiency and reduced costs becomes even more apparent.

Increasing the workflow for capturing and managing site photographs while lowering operating costs is an ideal outcome and the right technology can enable an organization for this purpose. For an organization with five team members implementing Zia Mapper’s Photo Manager app, a savings of over $1,000 may be yielded, providing a ROI greater than 275%.1

Tasks eliminated per Project include:

Photo Detail

  • Camera check out process (5 min)
  • Scrolling through photos on camera roll (5 min)
  • Determine location of site photos (5 min)
  • Download photos from device & load to server (5 min)
  • Create photo exhibit/contact sheet in Word or Photoshop (25 min)

1Cost savings assumes each user takes photos at 12 projects per year at an average billable rate of $60 / hr.

Solutions Highlight:

Zia Mapper’s Photo Manager negates the need for purchasing company cameras and eliminates the current time spent to manage site photos.  It greatly enhances how land surveyors and design/engineering professionals use photographs for production, site documentation, communications and litigation protection purposes.

Ready to improve your field-based photo capture workflows and realize a positive ROI?

Download the Zia Mapper Photo Manager app for free from Google Play or iOS App Store today!

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